Special Reports: “Get It Right” with Sandy Malone

Sandy BW

Report in Spanish-Reporte especial: Situación desesperada en Vieques

Special Report on Just How Bad it is on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Podcaster says her home is being ignored

Vieques Islanders Desperate for Help. Please click here #ViequesLove

Listen to “How to Find Vieques Hurricane Maria Victims” on Spreaker.

Flatlands Avenue Productions brings you a new podcast based on the experiences of a professional fixer. Sandy Nelson Malone has been observing other people’s messes, and cleaning them up, for most of her life. We invite you to listen to “Get It Right.” She began her career as a political journalist, managed some of the most difficult clients and issues in public and government affairs, and then successfully launched a destination wedding planning company in Vieques, Puerto Rico that became the subject of TLC reality show “Wedding Island.” The original go-to girl for difficult issues honed her executing more than 500 flawless weddings in Puerto Rico, but now she’s back stateside and she has a LOT of opinions to share to help her listeners GET IT RIGHT.
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