The Days of Disappointments

For some of us of like-minded political guts and sensibilities this past year has been one of bewilderment, shock and the need to find allegiances, both in the real world, the virtual world, and through our choice of entertainment and those, we picked to entertain us. Celebrities and those who are successful businessmen and who have created their own successful media platforms and companies have been great reminders to some of us that the world is still spinning, we’re still here, and that this too, shall pass.  But, then our heroes prove that they are just like the Wizard of Oz. They are the little men behind the curtain. They aren’t big, bold or strong. They are ugly and often monster-like in how they grab power from the most vulnerable. Yes, we’re talking about sex and sleaze predators, looking to hoist the leverage of their masculinity to show that they can take advantage of women who otherwise would have rebuffed them, by initiating smear and worse campaigns against them.  It’s disgusting. And, it’s heartbreaking.

Our hearts ache because people who have successfully fostered positive media and public relations as the truth-tellers and naysayers of those in power (political) are showing that they too are ugly and wart-ridden. We trusted that they would be the ones to help us, with laughter, and knee-slapping acknowledgment of the bad truths about our political and governmental society, that things will be alright in the end. All we need to do is keep waiting and laughing, and this too shall pass. But, then, like the cheap dissolve-effect of flashbacks in TV and some movies, we see the sinister pasts of our chosen comforters. And, like a slap on the forehead, we are brought back to reality: they are sinister sinners, purveyors of sleaze, which happens to be a very profitable enterprise for those in the old boys club.

Who, amongst us, women, have not felt that we were unfairly besmirched, or held back by employers whom we suspected were intimidated by our smarts, and character?  Women aren’t always the victims, but some have been the victimizers of other women too.  We have been smeared by members of our gender using the same rhetoric and orders of operation as the opposite gender.

So, now we are faced with a harsh reality that we must be our mentors and inspiration and find new role models for our success stories. Very few of us are clairvoyant and able to read into the bruised pasts of our contemporaries, whom we seek to build allegiances.  That said, it’s going to be hard watching our entertainers and celebrities of choice without wondering from whence they came, and what sins they have committed.

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