What’s up with Podcasting?

When I tell people that I produce and record podcasts they often ask me why everybody and their uncle seems to be doing them. I answer that it’s the best way for people to keep in touch with family members, and to influence peer groups. But, I think it goes deeper than that. Flatlands Avenue Productions thinks people like the freedom they feel when they are recording their voice, and putting it out there on the Internet for others to find.
We all have something to say about something. You may have political opinions, or you know your trade like the back of your own hand. When you seek comfort and company you might turn on the radio and listen to music, or if you’re like me, you feel yourself relaxing to somebody else’s voice.
It’s why people talk to themselves, their pets, or a loved one on the telephone. We need to hear voices, and we desire to have our voices heard.
If you talk to podcasters you’ll find that whether they are paid broadcasters who have a TV or Radio program, or a novice microphone user, they get a huge adrenalin rush when somebody acknowledges that they have been heard and their voices have been recognized. It’s a basic tenant of communications. You broadcast out your voice and somebody tells you they received it. In the land of the podcast there’s nothing like watching the number of downloads tick up on your RSS feed. How wonderful that people are taking the time to capture your podcast on a desk top computer or mobile phone or device!
So, what does it take to get started? The desire to tell stories about what you are passionate about or to talk to other people about what they are passionate about. The feeling that people need to get the information and knowledge you know you can offer them, or be that conduit for them to get smarter by hearing you talk with other people. Sometimes it’s just wanting to entertain and amuse others. Other times it’s just trying to share personal and professional experiences, or leading by example, or calming down or riling up the audience to do something, say something or be somewhere.
Podcasters don’t have to have the fanciest of equipment, or voices, or communications pedigree or credentials. But, I think there’s an innate need for most of us to leave our marks on our communities, and the world. If we’re lucky somebody will care to listen to an archive of our voice.
I invite you to listen to a variety of podcasts, and not just the ones produced by your favorite morning radio show hosts, newscasters, or public broadcasting outlets. I’m asking you to listen to podcasts produced by your local libraries, chapter of your favorite charities, diner or restaurant chefs, fashion expert, child or teacher. When you’re stuck in freeway or Interstate traffic, or having to pull your motorcycle to the side of a road, or under an overpass for shelter during a storm, keep your air buds in and keep listening to your favorite comedian, author or your uncle and cousin.
Once you’re done tuning in I hope you will be turned onto trying to record your podcast. Your voice deserves to be heard and preserved.
Next…. How podcasts are not only radio 2.0 but a valuable time capsule.

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