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On the Right is actor Alec Mapa (Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, and Baby Daddy) with his husband and son.

There is nothing like diversity in America. Our “All American” family is a melting pot and our society enjoys eating the culinary delights of all ethnicities, religions, and national influences, tossed together, like in  a “salad bowl.”  Love is Love. As the days get shorter and shorter, and we’re blanketed by winter darkness and cold we need to hear the warm messages of love, and pride that hopefully, most of us share with the families we have and the families we have chosen or created.

Our holiday gift to you is this lovely collection of stories recording live at the Moss Theater in Santa Monica, California. Our holiday gift to you is a recorded live performance called, “Our Family Looks Like This.”  Please, Hashtag Listen and Hashtag Share!

While you are listening to this “Our Family Looks Like This,” allow us to introduce you to writer-actor and the genius behind a “salon styled” story-telling salon called Tasty Words, Wendy Hammers.   Wendy collects stories and produces the live readings of them and we get to help her record them and present them online. If you’re ever in Santa Monica we hope we get to see you at  The Moss Theater for a “Tasty” performance. Story-tellers collected by Wendy on “Our Family Looks Like This,” include:

Story-tellers collected by Wendy on “Our Family Looks Like This,” found on Spreaker, include:

Comedian Cathy Ladman (Mad Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Screenwriter/Director Greg Swartz
Annie Korzen (Seinfeld, Moth Mainstage Storyteller)
Comedian Amy Anderson (Showtime, Nickelodeon)
Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney Ian Wallach
Betty Goldstein (KCRW Masquerade Ball, Moth Teller, JWT)
Christopher Brune Horan (Storyteller/host of Bada Bing)

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