Flatlands Ave Prod is Out There!


Flatlands Avenue Productions is “Out There”

Yes, we work in the virtual world, providing services for clients located throughout the United States.

But, we also strivpodcast movemente to get out there and be seen by our clients as well as colleagues in our present and past communications industries.

Coming up in July our Debra Grobman travels to Chicago for the Podcast Movement event, which is made up of symposia and networking opportunities.  Face to face meetings with podcasters, and those who syndicate and provide platforms for podcasts are on her agenda.  Plus, we’re always on the lookout for new talent and those who can tell interesting stories.

Attending these events and events that tap into the “audio-on-demand” industry allows us to stay on top of trends in media consumption and get in touch with content makers. We want to be able to help you decide whether to start a podcast, move the one you’ve got to the next level, and find new venues for your work. So, if you’re in Chicago attending the Podcast Movement, please contact us. Debra would like to be able to say hello and spend some time with you.

Spoken word formats will only get stronger and stronger as people decide what they want to listen to in their connected cars and in their offices. We believe in the growing power of podcasts and in the power of words. We hope to be working with you in the near future.

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