Women Helping Women-Baltimore Style

There are things we teach clients. Then, there are the things clients teach us. BOS Cooks Cover Hi Res Reduced Libsyn

For instance, what it takes to fulfill a mission to help women and children in a large U.S. city.
For starters, it takes a lot of heart and commitment.

It’s perhaps not surprising when church groups embrace those whom many of us don’t want to look at – homeless people. You probably see them every day in your community. “They” are the ones who are standing alongside highway off ramps, or the concrete mediums in the middle of multiple lane roads. “They” want your spare change. “They” want to be acknowledged and make eye contact.

We discovered Baltimore Outreach Services because they run a homeless shelter, one of only four that are designed for women and children, in this historic Maryland city. We found out that they are supported by grant dollars and dollars from people like you and me. Those dollars helped them launch a culinary arts and food safety training program. How this program came to be is a good story. In fact, it’s just right for a podcast. Proudly we share this link to a copy of a mass mailing that was sent out to their listserv.   You’ll read that Baltimore Outreach Services is encouraging their supporters to make their podcasts go viral. We would like you to help too!

We  encourage you to listen to the first episodes of the new BOS Cooks podcast by clicking on the egg beater. When you do, you’ll hear that as a way of celebrating the success of the BOS Cooks program the shelter published a cookbook. Yes, they want you to buy the book. If not for yourself, than for those who love professional food photography, original art, recipes from professional restauranteurs and chefs, and the stories that have taken women and their kids off the streets,  into housing, and on the road to a much better future.

Eggbeater...got to break a few eggs to make a podcast.
Click here to listen to the podcast

The BOS Cooks cookbook is a quality, hardcover book, a sleek publication, with original art and fabulous recipes from Baltimore restaurants and bistros.  I can write a lot about this, but I’d prefer that you visit  http://www.baltimoreoutreach.org/.  Donna Rich is the deputy director of the organization, and she works hard to keep up the site and edit its content. We proudly produce and edit the BosCooks podcasts. Let us know how you like them.

Rita Rich Co-Founder

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