Contest or Not to Contest

Seeds of Hope Seeds of Change prizes

Contest or not to contest? We decided, yes, let’s do a contest. Flatlands Avenue Productions production Patriot-Made Audiocast, which are podcasts on iTunes, and heard on the TuneIn app, via the Progressive Voices Channel is running a contest through May 10, 2015. Our business and website development consultant, Alice Fisher, who lives and works out of a small farm in Frederick County, Maryland created this contest, to not only grab the attention of our listeners, but in the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor, American helping American. She’s doing it in a very direct way, from her garden. For years she’s been growing her own vegetables and herbs and collecting the seeds from whatever she’s grown. She started out her garden using NON-GMO, heirloom varieties of seeds, and has collected, saved and distributed them to friends.  She is also a great yard sale/going-out-of-business-sale/getting-stuff-for-free-or-cheap-demon. While many of us buy new things that look like grandma and grandpas old such-and-such (drawers, shelves, nightstand, etc….) Alice gets the real things, cleans them up and uses them throughout her home and garage. She’s blessed with the ability to write and wield a power sander too.

So, our contest is this: Write a 500 word, or less essay and explain who you would use our prizes–vintage wooden cigar boxes, filled with packets of Alices very own seeds of hope and seeds of change.  

So check out our post on our website, and feel free to enter. We’d like to give these seeds a new home and we hope they’ll nurish people this years, and many years to come.


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