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Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC is a team of communications veterans who’ve worked in radio, television, public relations and marketing. We’re believers in the medium of podcasting, which some have called “Radio 2.0.”   We believe voices are very powerful. They can bring down governments, build up civilizations, seduce, comfort and bring laughter to the world.

Our principals work from Los Angeles and suburban Washington, D.C. in Maryland, and places in between. Over the past few years, we’ve been telling stories about American and Canadian innovation and industry. We’ve produced and recorded commentary about politics, weddings, and relationships. We officially hung our shield as an LLC in 2015 and filed our corporate papers in Anne Arbor, Michigan where we have a representative.

We travel for our work as needed by our clients, who include non-profit and for-profit businesses, advocates and other types of storytellers who dabble in all genres of their craft, from news to science fiction.

We broker distribution deals and edit audio. We consult others on the timing of campaigns and execute media tours.

We are at your service.

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